Yes - It Can!


Why, one might ask? It will split the country! It will not be sustainable! etc...Says they

There are many good reasons to say YES in a referendum to an Independent Cape:


The minority groups of the Cape are being marginalised by the South African Government.

The Cape is so unique that one has to wonder why it is part of South Africa in the first place.  It is a region where the minority in the rest of South Africa,  is the majority.  The Cape’s population overwhelmingly consists of the brown and white ethnic groups and forms the majority across the entire region. All these groups are distinctly different from the Black African people in South Africa.

The minority groups of the Cape share a heritage and are predominantly Afrikaans and English.

If we say YES, these groups get back their:

language (which are being banned in schools by the South African Government),
cultural heritage (statues are being stripped, areas, streets and buildings renamed)

If the Cape follows the same path as the rest of South Africa, we are doomed.  However, if you claim your own future and become part of the CapeXit movement, the following awaits:

Financially cripled

Does one really have to elaborate on this or is it sufficient to say that if the money spent on SAA in the last financial year was spent on housing, there would be no informal settlements in South Africa.  Add to this the fiasco of the SABC, Escom, State Capture and the Gupta saga and the decision should be clear. The South African Revenue Services received more than R1,114 billion in tax in the 2016/17 financial year of which 16% was collected in the Cape.  Of the more than R183 billion tax revenue that was taken from the Cape Region only R83 billion was returned to the region.  The economy of the Independent Cape Region can function completely autonomously.

If we say YES, we immediately get rid of ecomomically crippling and racist principles and Laws like:

BBBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) - it is just about impossible for the marginalised groups to find decent employment. Positions are reseved for Black people, often not adequately educated resulting in failing Government Services, Health Care and Safety and Security of citizens, to name but a few.

DORA (Division of Revenue Act) - The money that the Western Cape gets back from the Central Government is a lot less than we pay to them. With the money we save, we can immediately have a huge savings in taxes and a massive increase in the quality and quantity of service delivery.


It is a fact that our money is not worth the paper that it is printed on, because it cannot be backed up by gold reserves.  Need you be remined of all the barrels of oil that is missing, or the ivory that is no longer in the stores where it is supposed to be.  Ten years ago a million was a lot of money, five years ago they started talking about billions that is missing and now we are counting in billions.  South Africa is the only country in the world where the minority pays the taxes to keep the majority satisfied. 

If we say YES, the Government will be made directly responsible and accountable to the citizens through the countries constitution and there will be a result on no corruption as any corrupt act will be immediately stamped out by the people and the responsible official removed from office.

Failing Health Care

Twenty years ago, you could walk into any State Hospital and get the same service as in a private hospital. People spent days in a waiting rooms in government hospitals to see a doctor.  If the minority has to tend to themselves with the taxes that will be gained, health care will increase dramatically.  Is it fair that old age pension is 30% of that of the minimum wage in South Africa.  Is it not the old that must be pampered, have they not done their share in our country?

If we say YES, there will be an improvement in health care as the funds will be properly managed and allocated to the responsible departments. Medical staff will again be properly trained and qualified. With the education system in the state it is, at present you are being treated by 30 % ers. That means 30 % required to pass the exams!


If we say YES, we would get our education back. The current system is useless and results in uneducated people being unqualified for the positions they occupy. Proper education would see people with the right qualifications and skill levels in the right jobs which would see the economy flourish and rejuvinate.


If we say YES, we, through proper education, proper and secure border control reduce unemployment to a a situation of everyone of working age contributing to the economy. This would result in less crime, and a happy and motivated workforce. There will be no need for unions as people will get a fair wage for the job done and treated faily and with dignity.

Unsafe borders

If we say YES, there will be proper border control. The areas are pretty easy to secure as much of it are sea and mountain.

Illegal Immigrants

Every country in the world have them but his can be controlled. 

If we say YES, the influx of of illegal immagrants would stop. The minute the country becomes independent, border control and immigration policy would kick in and any illegals will be sent to their country of origin. When you live in a country where law and order is upheld, the problem of illegal immigrants will solve itself.  Why live in a country where you will go to jail if caught? 

Farm Murders

If we say YES, the new country with proper policing, illegals out of the country, and low/ no crime, our farmers, the backbone of our economy (it is after all they who feed the masses), would be able to flourish in a safe environment and do what they do best - farm!

Crime out of control

If we say YES, as a result of a working education system, policing, border control, low/ no unemployment, etc., crime rates would plummet and our country would be a safe and prosperous place for all our citizens.


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